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My 100 post challenge

I'm notoriously useless at blogging. I even find short posts on social media challenging. It's just not something I'm naturally drawn to doing.

I don't visit my social media pages (or anyone else's) daily and so I never get into a rhythm of writing.

In fact, I urge people to NOT visit social media every day because there's plenty of evidence suggesting its harmful and addictive potential - not to mention the hours wasted.

I also suffer from the common problem (aka curse) of wondering what other people will think of what I write.

If you've ever joined any of my mailing lists you'll already know all this because you'll have experienced the silence and the tumbleweed blowing between my very (VERY) infrequent posts.

However, as the owner of a wellness startup who wants to see the business grow, being regularly active and present online is a necessary evil these days.

So, when I saw the wonderful David Hieatt was running a workshop about social media mastery called Lazy Workshop I signed up straight away. The purpose of the day (according to his advert) was to show us all how to maintain a social media account with the minimum of effort. That sounded like music to my ears.

By the end of the day it had materialised that David had actually lulled us into a false sense of security.

The culmination of the Lazy Discipline workshop day was the bombshell of a 100 Day Writing Challenge being dropped on us.

We were all partnered up with a writing buddy. I hope mine isn't going to regret being shackled to me. He seems to have similar reservations about this task so I'm sure we're going to have a few laughs along the way.

I'm going to give it a go. However, because I've known myself for 52 years I know that writing online every day for 100 days is never going to happen.

So, I'm committing to a 100 post challenge.

Let's see how it goes. I might even enjoy it. You might too. Who knows?

Apologies in advance for any ramblings that may get published when I run out of things to say.

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