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Anti-Ageing Project Update

We have no more places available on my anti-ageing project below.
This project formed part of the R&D for my resulting habit hacking programme at

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Experiment Objective:

Use  the latest science, technology and smart wellness biohacks to slow / reverse ageing

Theme Song:

"If I Could Turn Back Time"


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Smeeth Village


Image by Mindroc  Ilie-Marian

What's going on here?

At face value it's just a small parish village hidden deep in the Garden of England (Kent), but this is where my exciting new 'Blue Zone' anti-ageing project is quietly ticking along behind the scenes. Smeeth village is located 20-minutes from the beach and a 37-min train journey from London King's Cross. It's also the location of my Smart Wellness Lab (the 'Biohacking Barn').

In 2021, I selected 30 participants who live or work in Smeeth and the surrounding area to join my  programme to measure (and perhaps reverse) their biological age.


The participants were aged between 40 - 69 years old. This is their chronological age, but for many their biological age was far older. This is because, based on available population data, most people in the Western world are experiencing accelerated ageing speed due to the modern environment and lifestyles we now experience.

I hope this experiment will produce a new 'blueprint' for wellness that other villages, towns, communities, and individuals, can easily replicate.



The project idea was conceived during a conversation between two entrepreneurs and longevity scientists.


Dr Julia Jones had recently set up her Smart Wellness Lab in a barn in a field in Smeeth during the pandemic, where she was testing out the latest science-based health tech, artificial intelligence and lab tests.


Nikolina Lauc is the CEO of GlycanAge, a biological test that Julia uses to measure clients' cellular ageing rate.


Nikolina Lauc
Longevity Scientist
Co-Founder, GlycanAge

"GlycanAge is a healthy ageing company built on more than three decades of research following 150,000 people.


The GlycanAge test measures your rate of ageing by looking at the immune system and balance of inflammation (inflammageing). Our technology is backed by the human glycome project.


We can now not only measure molecular ageing but also stop, slow down and reverse it with our own actions and simple changes to daily habits.


We are very pleased to be working with Dr Julia Jones on this exciting collaborative project with an aim to transform the mindset and environment, of possibly an entire village through her education and guidance, enabling them to live healthier, happier and longer lives with Smart Wellness."


For information regarding Nikolina's work visit


Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock
Founder, Neuron Smart Wellness

"I've spent 30 years professionally searching for the holy grail of wellness and it seems to have finally emerged. It wasn't what we thought it was (fitness routines and 'diets'). It's actually far easier and revolves around a collection of simple tricks (also known as 'biohacks') that can be easily embedded as habits into daily routines.


I'm really excited with the results we've seen so far with this new learning programme. Making a few easy changes to basic habits is proving to produce powerful results.


Through this project we will show the participants how to slow and reverse their own biological age. Then we will use this example to spread the knowledge to the rest of the community, so they can benefit from adopting the same simple habit based approach. I firmly believe this is the future of wellness."

For information regarding Julia's work visit


The idea of slowing and even reversing your biological ageing process seems too good to be true doesn't it! In recent years, however, the marriage of science and technology has produced a range of incredible opportunities to expand healthy lifespan. Everyone can benefit, but outside of Silicon Valley few people are yet aware that these new possibilities exist.


Most of us are experiencing accelerated biological ageing speed due to the effects of our habits on internal inflammation. This lies dangerously hidden inside until a chronic illness becomes apparent decades later. 60% of us now die from chronic diseases driven by inflammation.


Ageing is not a fate, it's driven silently by your habits. There are even moves in the scientific community right now to class ageing as a disease. The fact is that keeping inflammation under control during adulthood is key to slowing your ageing speed.


Our seemingly innocent habits and choices, driven by a lack of knowledge about our basic biology, are having a daily negative impact on our ancient evolutionary brain and body systems. This continuous underlying impact is invisible to us for decades. By the time this long-term inflammatory damage accumulates sufficiently to produce physical symptoms, and a medical diagnosis of a chronic disease, the results on our health, and quality of life, can be catastrophic.


Many of us are currently sleepwalking towards this fate but it can be easily avoided. The solutions are far simpler than the diet and fitness approach that failed to produce healthy nations over the past five decades. There is a simple biological reason these billion dollar promotional campaigns and trends didn't work. They involve ongoing effort and/or cost and don't sufficiently align with our evolutionary brain circuits. Consequently most people have to force themselves to continue these types of diet and fitness regimes. Very few people successfully sustain these high effort/cost health approaches for a lifetime. It's not an efficient route to long-term wellness.


The way to slow down your ageing speed is actually by simply making small, easy, changes to some of your basic daily habits.

Project "Silicon Smeeth" will bring the latest 'Silicon Valley' science and tech innovations, and knowledge, to the local residents demonstrating that measuring biological age and adjusting lifestyle through simple  education, habit coaching, natural biohacks, and technology, can have significant results on our ageing speed.

How fast do you want to age?

We're bringing you the latest smart wellness innovations

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