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Investing in your wellness is the smartest way you can use your money


Achieving and maintaining good health is a skill that can be learnt.

I'll show you how to master it easily and simply using Smart Wellness hacks and habits.

For booking enquiries regarding keynote talks, webinars and events
contact Kerry Harvey-Piper at Red Grape Management here

Packages & Rates

Start your new Smart Wellness journey with me today

I'll show you how to:

Eat & Drink Smarter

Breathe Smarter

Think Smarter

Move Smarter

Sleep Smarter

...and embed these techniques as lifelong habits

Prices range from £12.99 (my book) to £4,979 (for my full 8-week personal coaching programme delivered personally as 1-2-1 sessions)

The 1-2-1 Personal Coaching Package includes:

1.  8 x weekly 60-min coaching sessions with Dr Julia Jones (on zoom or in person)

2.  Groundbreaking biological tests to measure your current ageing speed and health

3.  Cutting edge technology devices to help your short practice sessions

4.  The full Smart Wellness Challenge (8-weeks of online video and audio content)

5.  A beautiful, personalised and boxed Smart Wellness Journal by Papier

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1-2-1 personal coaching clients receive:
An Apple iPod Touch
Smart Wellness Device
personalised with your name engraved on it, and fully loaded with everything you need to transform your wellness fast

an Oura Ring to monitor your biology
 so you can take the guesswork out of your health practices and use smart wellness to easily achieve results 

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