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Achieving and maintaining good health is a skill that can be learnt.

I'll show you how to master it easily and simply using Smart Wellness hacks and habits.

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I'll show you how to:

Eat & Drink Smarter

Breathe Smarter

Think Smarter

Move Smarter

Sleep Smarter

...and embed these techniques as lifelong habits

I regularly deliver keynote webinars, talks, masterclasses and coaching.

Prices range from £12.99 (my book) to £4,979 (for my full 8-week personal coaching programme delivered 1-2-1)

The 1-2-1 Personal Coaching

package includes:

1. Groundbreaking biological tests to measure your current ageing speed and health

  • An initial inflammation test to obtain your biological age. This can be very different to your chronological age. This is because many people, even though appearing healthy from the outside, are not actually ageing well at a cellular level. This test gives key insights that inform the subsequent changes to your daily habits. Your biological age might be much higher than your chronological age. This hidden decline can continue undetected for years until serious finally physical symptoms appear. By then a lot of the damage is done, so it's vital to begin monitoring your internal inflammation markers as early as possible. We will use this test information to help you control biological and psychological stress, so you age well. This test requires a simple process done yourself at home.

  • A gut microbiome test to obtain your current health status and deficiencies. You might think you're eating healthily, but in fact you may not be. It depends on the bacteria residing in your gut. This test will provide vital information regarding which fruits and vegetables you should avoid, which ones are your superfoods and should be increased in your daily intake, and any deficiencies that need to be supplemented such as Vitamin D. This test requires a simple process done yourself at home.


2.  Cutting edge technology devices to help your short practice sessions

  • My 'Smart Wellness Device' Apple iPod Touch, personalised with your name engraved on it, and fully loaded with all the wellness apps you need to maintain efficient wellness practices you'll learn on this program. This is an important tool, enabling you to SWITCH OFF YOUR SMARTPHONE during your short practice sessions and focus fully on your wellness

  • An Oura ring to help you track your health measurements (sleep, heart rate variability, activity, breathing rate, heart rate) and improve your brain training and the health of your nervous system

3.  A beautiful, personalised and boxed Smart Wellness Journal by Papier

The key to lifelong wellness is successfully embedding healthier habits and simple tricks and techniques into your daily routine. Writing regularly in this beautiful journal will help you get into this practice.

4.  A series of regular videos and coaching catch ups with Dr Julia Jones

As we work our way through the 8-week program you'll receive regular step-by-step videos from my Smart Wellness collection, plus a weekly live Zoom call with me, daily check-ins on What's App, and an in-person session at the start, middle and end of the program (or Zoom if you live further afield and physical meet-ups are not geographically possible).


1-2-1 personal coaching clients receive:
Our Apple iPod Touch
Smart Wellness Device
Personalised with your name engraved on it, and fully loaded with everything you need to transform your wellness fast

an Oura Ring of your choice
to monitor your personal biology
You'll learn how to take the guesswork out of your health practices and use smart wellness to easily achieve results