I called my new book Neuron for a reason.

Those of you who've already read my book will know that now aged 50s, I've easily dropped to the same weight I was in my 20s, by hacking my nutritional habits last year. Our gut and brain are connected via the gut-brain axis. So think very carefully about what you eat. Our poor eating habits are killing our gut bacteria, causing chronic inflammation around our body and brain, compromising our immune system and affecting our mental health. Take it seriously.

ALSO the ultra processed foods that we're surrounded by actually physically CHANGE our brain. This targeting of our brain's dopamine fuelled rewards circuits can make you addicted to these types of foods. They should be considered occasional treats, not daily food items. This is especially the case for children because they are in a hugely crucial stage of brain development.

I was super pleased to see BBC highlight these facts recently in their superb documentary 'What are we feeding our kids?". After watching this programme - and seeing what happens to your brain when you regularly eat these products - I hope you'll be convinced of the importance of ditching your processed foods habits once and for all.  My new book shows you how to do it.

Our 'smart wellness' campaign is outperforming the industry average by 460%!

Here's why...

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. My new smart wellness book and programme have been much more of a hit than I expected. We’ve run out of stock several times and even popped into the Amazon Bestseller list. HOWEVER, the biggest surprise to me has been the success of the B2C campaign via Facebook. In my 30-year career I’ve never actually considered a B2C campaign for any of the businesses I’ve launched. I assumed it was complex and costly. The B2B approach always seemed easier to me. You simply pitch a service and get a lump sum from the client. But that route has become slower and slower over the years. The time is takes to obtain a decision from corporate clients has extended significantly.


So, this time around, after a chat with my old friend and internet marketing guru Simon Coulson ( ), I decided to take a punt on a Facebook Advertising campaign. We ran a B2C campaign alongside my usual B2B pitching activity to compare both approaches. Simon teamed me up with Ben Mariner and Rikki Kotecha and we launched the landing page and adverts 6 weeks ago.


Industry average for this type of product landing page is 2.5% but from the outset we were experiencing an 8% average conversion rate. As we’ve refined the content and copy we’ve witnessed continued increases and last week hit a 14.1% conversion rate. Also, 10% of buyers chose to upgrade their purchase with an additional higher priced upsell product.


So why has this B2C campaign produced much greater results than our B2B approach? I believe the reasons are these:


  • Consumers want to be well and are seeking easy, efficient, proven routes to wellness. That’s what we’re offering them with this science-based ‘smart wellness’ product


  • They recognize me as a trustworthy and credible expert due to the significant experience and academic credentials I’ve amassed over the years


  • The copy being used in the adverts and on the landing page has been crafted by experts so the consumer immediately understands the value of the product being offered to them


I maintain hopeful that our B2B activity will eventually catch up with the success of our B2C campaign, because we want corporate workforces to also benefit from this highly efficient smart wellness approach. But, for now we’re fully focused on maximizing the success of this landing page and serving as many people as possible with this innovative smart wellness knowledge that I truly believe can transform lives.


Big thanks to Simon Coulson, Rikki Kotecha and Ben Mariner for opening my eyes to the incredible power of digital marketing!


The Health Trilogy

by Dr Julia Jones
aka Dr Rock

It's time to think smarter about wellness
Discover the secrets to enjoying better health with less effort

vol. 1

May 2019

Vol. 2


April 2021


VOL. 3




My new book shows you how to boost your biology!
Shortcut your way to lifelong wellness with simple daily habits



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