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Let me help you hack your poor eating habits

Those of you who've already read my book will know that now aged 50s, I've easily dropped to the same weight I was in my 20s, by hacking my nutritional habits last year. Our gut and brain are connected via the gut-brain axis. So think very carefully about what you eat. Our poor eating habits are killing our gut bacteria, causing chronic inflammation around our body and brain, compromising our immune system and affecting our mental health. Take it seriously.

3 of the transformational hacks I used were:

  1. Testing my gut microbiome (simple poop sample)

  2. Getting a weekly fruit and veg box delivered to my home to cut down on my supermarket exposure

  3. Customising the contents of the box to consume the right fruit and veg based on my gut microbiome test results

I'm determined to ensure that everyone can EASILY do these same steps because they can have a significant impact on your nutritional habits and your lifelong wellness.

SO, it gives me great pleasure to announce my first partnership with a regional fruit and veg delivery company! 


If you live in East Kent get in touch with us. We'll explain how to do the gut microbiome test. Then we'll work with the marvellous team at 'Veg Out!' to customise your fruit and veg contents and start delivering your weekly box as soon as we have your microbiome results. We'll send you what you need to eat each week.

I hope to expand this service with partnerships in other regions soon.

Did you know music is one of the most effective hacks at your disposal? It delivers multiple wellness benefits

The ears lead to the brain!

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.13.44.png
Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.14.04.png
Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.14.47.png
Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.15.46.png

TV host - Steph McGovern, Strictly Come Dancing Star - Oti Mabuse, and former UK Government Secretary of State for Business/Innovation/Skills - Vince Cable, get stuck into my drum session to boost beneficial brain chemicals and build healthy new brain connections 

A drum kit is optional. We simply used wooden spoons!
Musical instrument lessons are proven to be an exceptional workout for your brain and help prevent cognitive decline at any age.



Join me on a new

Smart Wellness journey


Leaders trust me for my cutting edge approach to health


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Workplace Wellness

The Smart Wellness 8-week online program, based on my new book, is now running live and being delivered to participants around the world!
Congrats to the employers who have recognised the potential of this new approach and are now leading the field with us


Book Partnership

I'm very pleased to announce a new partnership with the fabulous publisher This Day In Music Books. These guys have built a brilliant catalogue of music books over the years.
I'm joining their author roster and kicking off their new music wellness line with my Health Trilogy.
From April 2021, The Music Diet and Neuron will be available worldwide for the first time

In-Person Sessions

After a year away due to Covid the in-person private client sessions will re-commence from May 2021. These can be booked at Harley Street or at my Kent HQ. Zoom sessions will continue for those who live further afield. 


Neuron Wellness
'Biohacking Barn' & Smart Wellness Lab 
Our 1st physical space is now up and running!

By appointment only
37-min HS1 train ride from London St Pancras plus a 12-min taxi transfer to our beautiful countryside location



In 2021, the holistic wellness strategy I created for London's new £5 billion urban development was announced by leading urban developer, Argent Related. This strategy harnesses music and sound to deliver a wide range of wellness benefits for those who will live, work and visit Brent Cross Town.
It will embrace music, the sounds of nature, and the sound of silence, across the 180-acre estate. This is the first time that such a detailed consideration of sound and music has been used for wellness in a large-scale urban development. I hope this approach will become the norm in developments.


I've collaborated with the wonderful team at Thinkably to write 3 animated books to help families learn about wellness

Billie's Marvellous Music Diet
Billie's Supersmart Wellness Habits
Billie's Brilliant Food Fuels

You can also learn how to draw Billie the giraffe by clicking here to watch Phil's 5 min drawing workshop!


Lockdown Guide

In 2020 I teamed up with the Coop to produce a 'How to' guide to encourage and help people run online music events throughout lockdown/s

Dementia Village

My PhD research examined the lifelong impact of music from our youth.  Those early memories of our school days are deep, strong and long lasting. This work led to my involvement with the NHS' first dementia village (opening 2021/22). I'm helping the NHS ensure that music and sound are at the heart of the care experience for residents of the UK's first dementia village and at hospitals. We're also exploring the use of cutting edge tech that will be used in the delivery.

Music in Society Inquiry
House of Lords


In 2019, I joined forces with Lord Tim Clement-Jones and Sound Diplomacy to spearhead an inquiry at the House of Lords, called 'Music in Society'. The objective -  to remind decision makers of the fact that music is 'entertaining', but is much more than 'entertainment'. It delivers a much greater range of benefits throughout life when we let it. I firmly believe that music is the most under-recognised, under-valued asset in the world. Most of my work of the past 30 years has focused on championing this fact.

UN WUF9 outside.jpg

United Nations 

I enjoy regularly presenting my work at conferences worldwide.

Pictured here at the United Nations World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Spreading the word about the role of music in public health with Rachel Meir (CEO - Found in Music), Shain Shapiro (CEO - Sound Diplomacy), Aubrey & Michelle Preston (Owner - RCA Studio, Nashville) 

View trailer

Film Trailer

A few years ago, I wrote and recorded a song called 'Seaside Death' to draw attention to a proposed licensing policy that would have had detrimental effects on my local town's evening economy businesses, music venues and youth population.

The song now lives on because I'm pleased to announce that it's been chosen as the soundtrack of the forthcoming crime comedy movie Dan Hawk Psychic Detective, out in 2021.

View the trailer here or in the embedded screen.


JJ Rankin Gibson Guitar July 2019.jpg

Rankin Photo Shoot
& Let's Reset Book

Rankin has photographed many of my favourite music heroes so it was a huge thrill to be featured as one of the wellness experts in the Let's Reset book.

The book is a collaboration between Rankin & serial entrepreneur and wellness champion, Suki Thompson. It is a beautiful coffee table book of inspiration that tells the wellbeing and resilience stories of 82 leaders, experts and entrepreneurs.

Click the link below to learn more about Suki's 'Let's Reset' wellness company and to order the book.

The Health Trilogy

by Julia Jones, PhD
aka Dr Rock

It's time to think smarter about wellness
Discover the secrets to enjoying better health with less effort

vol. 1

May 2019


Vol. 2


April 2021



VOL. 3





My new book shows you how to boost your biology!
Shortcut your way to lifelong wellness with simple daily habits




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